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OPLIN 4Cast #103 Hyperconnectivity, Tourists needs, FBI told no, Phlashing

Posted in 4cast, desktop applications, and Internet

1. We’re hyperconnected
That means that we each a minimum of 7 devices for work and 9 connectivity applications. The lines between business and personal use is blurring more and more. What does this mean for productivity? Maybe some personal stuff comes in during the workday, but in exchange, will people be working more during off-hours? If that’s the case, is there a concern for employee burnout?

2. The tourists are coming! The tourists are coming!
Tourist season is upon us – whether by land, by sea or by air, technology will play a part in how and where people decide to go this summer. Just think, people will be coming in to upload to and view their photo and video sites. They’ll probably want to know how to tag them, too. Be prepared.

3. The FBI demanded user info. The Internet Archive, an online library, said, “No.”
The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has withdrawn a secret demand that the Internet Archive, an online library, provide the agency with a user’s personal information after the Web site challenged the records request in court.

4. Did you just phlash me?
“A scary new (theoretical) malware attack, Phlashing, involves tricking a remote device into letting you flash its firmware so that the machine can’t ever be rebooted, and must be pulled out and replaced. They’re called it a “Permanent Denial of Service” (PDOS) attack — there’s a ton of tasty new coinages in this little bit of ugliness” (Boing Boing).