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OPLIN 4Cast #191: Mobile Marketing

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Cellphone messaging displayNow that OPLIN has announced our new Short Message Service (SMS) system for sending library notices as cellphone messages, this might be a good time to consider how your library is using the power of mobile phones to reach your customers/patrons. Mobile messaging can be an important component of your library marketing plan.

  • Top ten reasons for going mobile (via Mobile Libraries blog) “Just as people now expect to interact with businesses directly through wired Internet usage, they are also beginning to expect the same service through their mobile phones.”
  • Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts cellular marketing (iBrandMasters case study) “The willingness of 500 passionate swing dancers to opt-in in spite of the typical 15 cent receiving cost of text messages is an indication of the level of patron excitement about this new media channel.”
  • Good old SMS (RCR Wireless News; 2/16/2009—may require library card for access.) “And unlike, say, a banner ad on a Web page designed strictly to create awareness, SMS can leverage a call to action and lure a consumer to interact with a brand or promotion…”
  • New Harris Interactive data on mobile marketing alerts (Placecast blog) “Overall, consumer receptivity to opt-in mobile marketing is growing, as is its ability to increase intent to visit stores. One-third of Americans who currently have signed up for mobile marketing alerts indicate that such services impact their decision to go into stores and 27% report that mobile programs have impacted their decision to buy products in physical retail locations.”

Pertinent fact
250+ million Americans now carry mobile phones, and over 70% of them use the phone for sending or receiving text messages.