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4Cast #93: Passwords…IE 8…meebo/AOL…Hulu

Posted in 4cast, instant messaging, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, and NORWELD

1. Those crazy passwords!
We have scores of them and most likely, you will forget one. Here are some ways to recover if one is lost. Of course, others can use these same methods to discover yours, too, so attempting to make them as secure as possible is a must. Perhaps some day, we could get by with having only one username and one password…

Recover Lost Wi-Fi Passwords with WirelessKeyView (Lifehacker)

Archiver Harvesting Google Mail Passwords (Slashdot)

Bringing OpenID To The Masses: Clickpass (Techcrunch)

Check Your Passwords’ Strength at Microsoft’s Password Checker (Lifehacker)

2. IE 8…It’s coming soon
Microsoft promises that Internet Explorer 8 will default to being compliant with web standards. The beta version is set to be released during the first quarter of this year. The final version should be available by the end of 2008.

Microsoft Expands Support for Web Standards(Microsoft)

Sanity prevails: IE8 will default to standard-compliant mode (Arstechnica)

Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect Talks About A More Compliant IE8 (Mashable)

Microsoft: IE 8 to support standards from the start

3. IM Partnership
meebo and AOL are teaming up to add a few new tricks to AIM. The new collaboration is promising to bring a “bunch of cool things” to IM.

meebo and AOL – partnering up! (meebo blog)

Meebo as a Firefox add-on (Mozilla)

AOL Launches Open AIM 2.0 – The Most Important Social Platform Yet? (Mashable)

AOL Gets It Right With Open AIM 2.0 – Embraces Meebo and eBuddy (TechCrunch)

4. TV and Movies on Demand
According to Reuters, Hulu will debut today. “At launch, Hulu will offer full-length episodes of more than 250 TV series from current hits such as “The Simpsons” as well as older shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” It also will offer 100 movies including “The Big Lebowski” and “Mulholland Drive.” What does this mean for libraries? If this takes off as predicted, just think of all of the additional bandwidth that will be needed to support it…

Hulu home page (Hulu)

Hulu makes public debut, adds Warner Bros shows (Reuters)

Hulu Launches with Warner, Lionsgate (Newteevee)

Hulu: News Corp’s YouTube Rival Gets a Name (Ars Technica)