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4Cast #90: Google Health, Blu-Ray, Gaming, E-Books

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This week’s 4cast:

1.  A Google A Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

Google will begin its final phase of global domination, er, I mean personal medical records storage today as it begins testing its long-awaited health service.

2.  Feelin’ a Little “Blu?”

You’re not alone.  Wal-Mart, Netflix, Amazon and others have recently announced their alliance with Blu-Ray.  It sure looks like the end for HD DVD.

3.  Game On.

Regardless of your own thoughts on gaming in libraries, it’s hard to ignore the headlines.  Are games drawing teens to libraries for the right reasons?  Do “wrong” reasons exist?

4.  More E-Buzz on E-Books.

New campaigns are under way to get more readers interested in electronic books.  While it could significantly lower costs to big business and provide convenience to consumers, some speculate that for the most part, the e-book will never leave the e-shelf.