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OPLIN 4Cast #179: Video Formats

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When creating and uploading video, you most likely will use YouTube.  However, you might want to familiarize yourself with video standards and formats, should you ever want to create and post your own on another site.

Depending on what website you’re on, you are pretty much stuck using their video format.  Sometimes, the not-so-tech savvy end up frustrated and decide that videos are too much of a hassle.

Finding the encoders and exporters for different formats has come to an end.  Introducing…the WebM Project.  This is open source, so there are already plenty of free/open source tools available so that you can begin publishing in WebM format immediately.

Here are some of the most popular video formats explained:

Cool link:
Of course, there is also Flash video.  But since Flash doesn’t perform well on mobile devices, a Flash Enthusiast Sends a Hidden Message To Steve Jobs.