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4cast #76: Digitization, Experimentation, Comcast, Fines

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This week’s 4cast:

1. Your Scanners Are Not Welcome Here

Several influential research libraries have spurned offers to join Google and Microsoft’s mass digitization projects. Instead, in an effort to make sure that their materials are available digitally without any commercial or other restrictions, these libraries are turning to the Open Content Alliance.

2. Step Into Our Lab

Ken Varnum (RSS4Lib) has created a directory of experimental library websites, where libraries of all types are trying out new web features and services before fully implementing them. What’s happening out there on the cutting edge?

3. Cast Out

It recently came to light that Comcast, the second-largest Internet service provider in the country, has been actively disrupting BitTorrent and other file-sharing traffic on its network, regardless of the legality of the traffic. Comcast claims they’re just slowing down a few bandwidth hogs, but critics say it amounts to a sneak attack on Net Neutrality.

4. Fine! FINE!

Aaron Schmidt (walking paper) is on a mission to rid the world of overdue library fines, and has set up the Anti Fines wiki for librarians who feel the same way.