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OPLIN 4cast #70

Posted in copyright, GDrive, Google, Google Latitude, Google Similar, One Minute Critic, and wireless

This week’s 4cast:

1. Wi-Fi Going Bye-Bye

Not so long ago, cities across the U.S. were chomping at the megabits to provide high-speed, wireless Internet access to every last corner of town. But with the recent demise of several high-profile projects, the odds of municipal Wi-Fi thriving anywhere in the country are suddenly looking slim.

2.“Time is the New Currency”

There’s been another spate of talk about BookSwim, which offers a Netflix-like model for book delivery (see 4cast #40, item 4). Several library blogs have noted that although BookSwim membership is obviously more expensive than a library card, it’s the convenience factor (and lack of fines) that readers may ultimately care about more.

3. Hey, No Fair Use!

Many of the biggest technology companies are teaming together to fight many of the biggest entertainment companies over the increasingly misleading, threatening, and possibly illegal copyright notices attached to practically every sporting event, DVD, and TV broadcast. An official complaint has been filed, calling for an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission.

4. Google on the Go

Summertime usually means more people are outside surfing the waves, not inside surfing the web. But Google is reporting that this year, their mobile services were like, way more popular than expected.