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Month: February 2022

OPLIN 4Cast #791: Even if it’s not sentient yet, AI development is rushing forward

Posted in AI

To be honest, when I’m crawling my RSS feeds for trends for OPLIN’s weekly 4Cast blog, artificial intelligence is the one that makes me the most nervous. Aside from the many films warning about the potential dangers of AI, it does seem to me that the technology is moving far faster than human capability to absorb or control it.


OPLIN 4Cast #788: Spotify is having a moment. And it’s not a good one

Posted in Spotify

Another, bigger fight is happening right now though, directly involving streaming music’s golden child. Artist Neil Young is removing his music from the platform as a result of Spotify’s support of podcaster Joe Rogan, who is reportedly perpetuating COVID-19 misinformation. This, in turn, has opened to floodgates, and the controversy rages on.