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Month: November 2020

OPLIN 4Cast #725: Esports are having a massive impact and aren’t slowing down

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“To put it in perspective, according to Allied eSports, which is among the brand leaders, as an industry video gaming is already bigger than music and movies combined, with eSports, as predicted by Forbes, already on the path to hit over $300 billion by 2025.”–


OPLIN 4Cast #724: Can AI algorithms predict election results better than humans?

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A prediction is a hypothesis of probability, and if the pollsters got it wrong, then they’ll examine their models to see if they can formulate better hypotheses. But is there an alternative to calling people up and asking them whom they intend to vote for? Perhaps AI algorithms can draw new insights from alternative data sets. There’s always the risk, though, that flawed algorithms will just magnify the errors in data that already plague us.