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OPLIN 4Cast #755: This entertaining app is hot right now, but is it safe?

Posted in 4cast, Google Apps, portable apps, and privacy

When I first saw my friends posting these, I immediately found them fun and charming, and had to download the app and take it for a run. Only after did it occur to me that maybe this wasn’t the brightest thing to have done.


OPLIN 4Cast #108: YouTube Screening Room, Medical Records Online, Google Map Maker, Tag Clouds

Posted in 4cast, Flickr, Google Apps, Google Maps, Kido'z, KidZui, Library of Congress, Panda Cloud Antivirus, privacy, tagging, YouTube, and ZuiTube

1. YouTube is going semi-pro. There is a spot on their site called the Screening Room. The videos are now longer, better quality and available…