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The OPLIN 4cast Posts

OPLIN 4Cast #747: As the pandemic drags on, only now are steps being taken to narrow the digital divide

Posted in 4cast, and digital divide

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a lot of things over its course, but perhaps one of the most noticeable points of attention is the digital…


OPLIN 4Cast #745: I’m not invited, but Clubhouse still makes sense in social’s evolution

Posted in 4cast, and Social Networks

Since I wrote a few books about social media and libraries, I do a lot of workshops about social media trends. Recently, I was asked…


OPLIN 4Cast #744: Patch those servers immediately, but brace for more attacks

Posted in 4cast, Microsoft, and Security

In early March, Microsoft detected multiple 0-day exploits against Exchange Servers, urging customers to update their on-premises systems immediately. They developed a one-click mitigation tool to…


OPLIN 4Cast #740: There’s help in the struggle to pay for Internet during the pandemic

Posted in 4cast, and Braoadband

In late 2020, Congress established an Emergency Broadband Connectivity Fund of $3.2 billion to help Americans afford Internet service during the COVID-19 pandemic, directing the…


OPLIN 4Cast #739: Robot overlords? Not yet, but robots continue to integrate into human society

Posted in 4cast, and robotics

“I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.” This is a line used by many of the geek persuasion, any time that significant strides are made…