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The OPLIN 4cast Posts

OPLIN 4Cast #803: Data privacy is a bathroom door

Posted in privacy

You may say that you don’t care about privacy but, assuredly, you do. If you close the door when you go to the bathroom, you absolutely do care. Often, online, keeping the bathroom door closed isn’t even an option, and it’s making many people increasingly uncomfortable. As well it should.


OPLIN 4Cast #801: Google still rules search…but does it have to?

Posted in 4cast, and Google Advanced Search

“Google” has long been a verb. “Let me google that” is probably even uttered more often than “let me search that.” There’s little doubt that the Google search engine has become a fundamental part of the information-seeking behaviors of many, and a significant culture. y good?


OPLIN 4Cast #800: Web3 is here. Get off my lawn.

Posted in web3

The emergence of the next version of the web reminds me strongly of its predecessor; web3 is also somewhat nebulous as a concept and generating a lot of interest and hype. A large number of seemingly-disparate innovations claim to be part of the new web, including the metaverse, NFTs, crypto, and a lot more. Personally, I think a lot of these developments are


OPLIN 4Cast #799: Are digital drugs a thing?

Posted in 4cast, and Binaural beats

I’ve admitted to being a TikTok addict publicly, and one of the types of content that TikTok’s algorithm will periodically pop up for me is that of digital sounds that allegedly “do something.” If I listen, I will purportedly relax, feel less stress or perhaps experience something else. I haven’t really paid much attention to these, and have usually just scrolled on by. But a recent news story has made me wonder if there’s something to these. Are “digital drugs” a thing? As it turns out…yes.


OPLIN 4Cast #794: Is the U.S. about to get its own digital dollar?

Posted in cryptocurrency

We’ve certainly covered cryptocurrency here before, and even discussed how my husband is mining it and simultaneously heating his office. But, in every prior case, the crypto under discussion was backed by a third party. What if the United States had its own? The rumors are not just flying…the U.S. is actively investigating what it might take for it to have its own digital currency.